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    Carbon black screw feeder

    Carbon black screw feeder

    Type  :  LS carbon black screw feeder       Capacity  :  1-30 t/h

    Application field  :  carbon black screw feeder to feed small size carbon black into carbon black grinding mill main unit.  
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    Carbon black screw feeder

    introduction of carbon black screw feeder

    LS carbon black screw feeder is the updated model of the GX type screw feeder. The whole feeder is reliable, durable, adaptable, easy to install. Carbon black screw feeder is designed and used to feed small size carbon black into carbon black grinding mill main unit.  Carbon black screw feeder is one  part of carbon black production line. and must be controlled by frequency converter with HGM carbon black grinding mill, to control the feeding speed. At the same time, it is suitable for conveying the powder, granular, and block materials (temperature <200℃),such as coal powder, coal ash, argil, sand, cement, carbamide etc. 

    advantages of carbon black screw feeder

    1. High conveying capacity. 2-22 m³ /h

    2. High quality, made of carbon steel.

    3. Suitable for powder, granular and block materials

    4. Not only used for the concrete batching plant, bituminous concrete batching, but also for the chemical, building, food, metallurgy and so on.

    5. One small part of carbon black production line, but also one indispensable part. 

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